Morna Edmundson


I often give workshops/clinics with school and community choirs that are traveling through Vancouver.  I also travel at the invitation of choirs that prefer to bring me to them, including honor choirs.

My specialty is adult women's choirs, where I enjoy conducting the classics of the repertoire to the latest contemporary music, with an emphasis on Canadian repertoire.  I also have experience and love to work with children's, youth, seniors, men's choirs, madrigal groups, and adult choirs of all levels.

My priority is the core tone of the classically-based choir - and a well-supported, age-appropriate sound from each singer.  My instruction helps them free the sound through warmups and activities that build confidence, awareness, and skill.  I often teach folk melodies as useful vehicles for beautiful phrasing and a better experience of good intonation.  I introduce concepts of good word stress to enhance the audience's engagement with the text and to work toward the composer's intentions.

Many times I am asked to listen and critique a "performance" of the choir's existing repertoire, working on the issues I hear as one direction toward a stronger performance. This might be before a festival or major school concert, or at the end of a season for a new perspective.

Contact me if you would like to discuss an idea for a workshop or clinic with your choir.